Shifting the focus toward the UK’s video games industry, the survivability of the industry’s business model was assessed and the impact of regional and national factors was examined via three predictive statistical models. Evidence suggests that market growth is not necessarily beneficial for developers and publishers in terms of survivability. In particular publishers are more adversely affected compared to developers. This happens because the competition is more intense for publishers, compared to developers. However, both types of companies can mitigate this negative effect on a local level by reinforcing their networking activities, increasing their ties with local universities, and investing in formal managerial practices. The research outputs were presented at the Regional Studies Association Conference in Piacenza  2015, and is being considered for publication in the Technological Forecasting and Social Change Journal. Moreover, dissemination of the research took place during NEMOG’s second annual symposium, and during TEDxDurhamUniversity at Durham University in September 2015.