We are proud and excited to announce our upcoming launch event to be held at the University of York on Wednesday 12th February 2014. 

The day will consist of:

  • An overview of the NEMOG project by Professor Peter Cowling, Professor Kiran Fernandes and Professor Feng Li;
  • A talk by Jeffrey Lin (Lead Designer of Social Systems, Riot Games) on how ‘Big Data’ can be used to design game systems and encourage altruistic player behaviour, leading to happier players, stronger communities and better monetisation experiences;
  • A talk by Charles Cecil MBE (Founder and Managing Director, Revolution) on business models for games, and particularly Revolution’s success with crowd funding;
  • A panel discussion on using games to achieve societal and scientific goals through analytics and new business models;
  • A networking and demo session with stands including CrowdicityGameSparks and Complex City Apps.

For further details of the schedule, click here.

Post-Event Update: Watch the event highlights and all talks in full in the YouTube playlist below.