To seed conversation at our launch event and future gamification of events workshop we are trialling the Crowdicity platform.  Crowdicity offer a fantastic social innovation platform that gamifies brainstorming and crowdsources ideas. Participants can submit their own ideas on challenges, discuss ideas further by commenting on existing posts and vote for those they like the most.

We are very keen to see large input from the community surrounding NEMOG on the platform and to use this as a place where anyone can freely share their ideas regarding gamification and games for social and scientific benefit. The most popular ideas will be investigated further by or, if you are interested, in collaboration with the NEMOG team.

We currently have two challenges running. The first on games for social and scientific benefit is looking for thoughts and ideas on:

  • How can we bring together scientists and healthcare workers with digital games industry representatives to design games which achieve scientific and societal goals?
  • Can we design games to address important scientific questions and to address social (particularly therapeutic) goals? 
  • Are new business models required for such games in comparison to recreation-oriented games, to enable them to be developed in a sustainable and scalable fashion? 
  • What are the unique barriers and facilitators for the sustainable and scalable development of games for social and scientific purposes taken from viewpoint of users, business and games designers?

In this challenge we are looking for any novel ideas related to the aims and objective of the NEMOG project.

The second, aimed at the gamification of events such as conferences, exhibitions, trade shows etc., asks:

  • How can events be gamified?
  • What support does the events industry require to pursue gamification?
  • What opportunities are there within the events industry for games producers?

If you have any suggestions, or perhaps want to discuss the ideas already listed. Sign up today at: