Based on original research, we developed a toolkit aiming to provide practical guidance to practitioners, professionals, and entrepreneurs to make informed and timely strategic decisions. The toolkit serves three main purposes: a) it helps developers and publishers to describe their business model accurately, and consequently strategically position it within the sectorial ecosystem. b) following the most parsimonious route, the toolkit provides sophisticated suggestions to decision makers regarding future potential business model transformation paths. As a result, decision makers are provided with paths of least resistance to business model change, limiting the risk of failure. c) the toolkit assess the business model’s historical resilience, and provides a map of all the potential routes for the company to follow in order to increase their resilience. Combined with the strategic roadmap function, the company is provided with a complete spectrum of alternative risk minimising strategic options.

Finally, the toolkit report can be of great benefit to potential investors who are interested in a technologically intensive and vibrant industry such as digital games. They can access valuable information contributing significantly towards the development of a common language between companies and investors, thus facilitating and encouraging future investment opportunities. To develop and sustain communication channels between investors and digital-games developers, NEMOG is organising two events that will take place at London and Newcastle between 19th and 29th of August 2016. The Toolkit was presented at R&D Management Conference at Cambridge on 6th of July 2016. The Toolkit is also provided online free of charge for scholars and practitioners to explore and use.

The toolkit is available online at