In the Year 2 update, we planned to develop an holistic business model framework to include the effect of data analytics to enable data-driven business models and the value ecosystem of the entire game industry, to synthesise all the insights we have gained across the NEMOG project. In Year 3, we followed the plan to explore the impact of data on the way companies do business. We found that the advent of new ICT technologies enabled business transformation in many ways and at different rates. Consequently, data captured, or generated via these technologies plays a critical role in decision making, operation management, and strategic management. To improve our understanding of the data-driven impact on a business model level, we developed a holistic framework that captures the salient features of this relationship, based on evidence from Google Play Store, and via the Privacy Policy Statements of the corresponding applications. The output of this research is not limited to develop an overarching framework, but also include a comprehensive method to understand data-driven business. One academic paper is developed and be ready to submitted for a leading journal.