In this project we will bring the UK digital games industry closer to scientists and healthcare workers to unlock the potential for scientific and social benefits in digital games. The numbers of games sold and the numbers of game hours played mean that we only need to persuade a small fraction of the games industry to consider the potential for social and scientific benefit to achieve a massive benefit for society, and potentially to start a movement that will lead to mainstream distribution of games aimed at scientific and social benefits.

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The New Economic Models and Opportunities for digital Games (NEMOG) project is now in it’s third year. Recently, many...
Based on original research, we developed a toolkit aiming to provide practical guidance to practitioners, professionals, and entrepreneurs to make...

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Our 2016 NEMOG Symposium will be at the University of York on Monday 12th September 2016.    Symposium - Monday 12 September 2016 Ron Cooke Hub,...

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